Personal Data Protection Act

  1. Identity of the Person responsible

Royal Atlantis Tour. Now. Into. And Agriculture. Tic. A. S. Als (Royal Atlantis) attaches great importance to the security and privacy of your personal data and to this end we give you the following points in accordance with Law 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("Law") in relation to all personal data associated with Royal Atlantis, including our guests who use our Services.

The protection of personal data is one of the core policies of Royal Atlantis and has given priority to the confidentiality of personal data during the existence of our company. Royal Atlantis agrees and undertakes to comply with all obligations of the KVKK Act. In full awareness of this responsibility and as a data controller, we process, store, transfer, share and store your personal data in the manner described and within the limits prescribed by law.

  1. Purpose of the collection, processing and processing of personal data


Your personal data that may be processed by us are as follows:::

There are categories such as identity, communication, self-employment, legal action, customer processing, physical space security, transaction security, finance, work experience, marketing, audiovisual recordings, race and ethnic origin, philosophical beliefs, religion, denomination and other beliefs, health information, criminal convictions and security measures, other information-license plate number, other information-room number. You can access detailed and up-to-date information from the registration system of the Data Protection Authority, review categories, objectives, recipients, duration, groups of persons, foreign countries, security measures.

Identity data, identity data First name Last name, TC identification number, identity order No., photo, mother name, father name, place of birth, date of birth, place of registration for the population, volume No., marital status, gender, passport No., nationality

Accommodation data lounge, room type, expenses, entry and exit data,

Contact details Phone, e-mail address, address

Financial data, expense information (products and services received, etc.), credit card number (shipping forms) and other information, bank account information

If a photocopy of the identification document is obtained to verify particularly qualified personal data, the religious information and blood types, health data contained in the document are included

Visual Data Camera Recordings

Family and related Data Information such as first and last name, age, degree of proximity, first and last name of relatives and family members who declare employees, date of birth, TC identification number

Additional information military service, judicial registration, educational information, reference information, signature, license plate, etc.


Although your personal data may vary with respect to the products and services or business activities offered by Royal Atlantis, they may be processed by our company under the best possible protection.

Our institution has identities, communications, religion/belief, health, finance, education and other sensitive personal information such as candidate employee, employee, former employee, customer, guest, product or service recipient, potential product or service buyer, supplier, supplier employee, visitor.

Your personal data obtained, for reasons of compliance with the Law in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey, or, with the consent of the data holder ;

* Ability to perform your customer records and transactions in this area,

* Fulfilment of our legal obligations in the Constitution / Law/KHK / Statutes/Regulations,

* Carrying out product procurement and after-sales service processes, carrying out repair processes, ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting requirements,

* Ability to carry out the necessary work of our business units in order to benefit them from the products and services of our company,

* Ensuring the legal and commercial safety of persons who are in a business relationship with our company (administrative communication activities of our company, ensuring the physical security and control of the locations of our company, evaluation processes of the partner/customer/supplier (authorised or employees), legal Compliance process, financial Affairs, etc. b),

* Management of safety operations, accidents or other similar events for medical and insurance purposes

* Ensuring the safety of those who are in our facilities through the use of video cameras (CCTV) - images and the prevention, detection and prosecution of criminal offences; ,

* Inform you about the information, activities and services you request from our company,

* Identification and implementation of our company's trading and business strategies

* Ensuring the implementation of the personnel policy of our company

* Compliance with a legally defined legal obligation if it is explicitly stated in the legislation or is required

* Analysis and loyalty work on the products and services you buy, advertising, survey, advertising, market research, planning and conducting marketing and campaigns, general and special offers,

  1. it is processed by Royal Atlantis for his purposes.

In addition to the identity information act no. 1774, the law and the related legislation on the regulation of publications on the Internet, no. 5651 and the fight against crimes committed by these publications, The law No. 6563 on the regulation of electronic Commerce no. 4857, the Turkish commercial code No. 6102, the Turkish penal code No. 5237 and the law no. 6698 on the protection of personal data in the framework of our legal obligations under the relevant legislation, in particular; Your personal data will also be processed to ensure the fulfilment of these purposes and our legal obligations.

In addition, your aforementioned personal data may be stored and stored in Royal Atlantis physical archives and IT systems.

Your personal data processed for the purposes set out in this document will be further anonymized or deleted by us if the purpose requiring processing under Law 6698 disappears and the time limits set by law have expired. You have the right to withdraw your express consent to the processing and use of your personal data at any time.

  1. Transfer of personal data

Your personal data is limited to the purposes described above in order to provide you with this service so that we can offer you these services at home and abroad. Business / Solution can be passed on to our partners and legally authorized public and private institutions and organizations.

  1. Nature and legal reasons for the collection of personal data

Your personal data may be collected for the purposes set out above, in accordance with the basic principles set out in Article 5 (2) of the Act and on the basis of the legal grounds of our company's legitimate interest.

  1. Your rights to the Protection of Personal Data

Learn whether your personal data is processed in accordance with the law, request information about it when it is processed, learn the purpose of the processing and whether it is used by us for these purposes.; if you believe that the analysis of the processed data exclusively via automated systems has produced a result against you, you have the right to object.

According to the law, the holder of personal data can request information about your personal data by filling out the relevant fields in the application form.

Application procedure written application by e-mail

Address of the application Gundogdu certificate Sancak Mah. Manavgat, Antalya


"Request for information under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data" will be written on the envelope/message sent to the request.

Official identification documents may be requested. In the subject of the e-mail," Request for information under the Data Protection Act " is written, and if this statement is not made, the request will not be processed.

Official identification documents may be requested.

A request to our agency via the previously specified e-mail address will speed up identification.

  1. pursuant to the Article, the request shall be completed in accordance with the nature of the request and no later than 30 (thirty) days. If the processing requires costs, the tariff set by the Committee for the Protection of Personal Data applies. If the application is rejected, the reasons/reasons for the rejection or the work carried out in the event of the application being fulfilled shall be justified in writing or electronically.

Royal Atlantis reserves the right to update this"Personal Data Protection Text" as part of any changes that may be made in the applicable official legislation or data protection processes.